Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kinder Joy

Emafe Rice at the grocery store.

In a Nutshell:
Chris and Emafe find Kinder Eggs for sale in Davao City.

The Story:
Emafe starts the video by showing all of the gifts that Ashlyn sent her. She gets so excited that she bursts into singing, even though she doesn't know the words. She goes on to show her makeup organizers and the location of her new desk. I guess she couldn't help it coz she was singing in the shower too.

You might not have thought that Cheng would get better, but she shaped her eyebrows so well that Emafe is proud. Perfect eyebrows are nice but don't do those facial exercises on YouTube. It will make you old.

After some nice time in the car, the group goes grocery shopping where eureka, Chris finds Kinder Joy chocolates. Jake had been wanting them for years (at least 1 year), and they are now selling them in Davao City, Philippines. Emafe didn't have a choice but to buy a bunch, and Chris films the public prayers and dancing held by the shopping mall employees (salesladies & salesmen).

Thanks for reading and be sure to watch the video on YouTube.

You can watch Kinder Joy on YouTube.

Vampire Stake

Stake to kill a vampire.

In a Nutshell:
Chris talks about eating healthier and Cheng and Mantoy have a stake to kill a vampire.

The Story:
It's church day and the group might visit a Catholic church. Emafe helped Chris realize a lot of people don't realize they're fat. She wants him to be healthy and he wants to be healthy too. He is not going to crash diet or anything like that, he is just going to eat less.

What in the world is Cheng and Mantoy doing with a stake to kill a vampire? Cheng is either afraid of vampires or the stake was in the apartment when they moved in.

Some Filipinos are afraid of getting struck by lightning when they pet a cat, use an electronic, or even stand by a mirror. Chris thinks it's because some people live in bamboo or non-durable houses. If lightning strikes their house it might hit them, even if they are inside. But what about larger more durable homes? What about a glass window? Can lightning travel through a glass window and strike a person inside?

If you have a girlfriend in the Philippines and plan on visiting her for the first time, make sure you have clean nails. Dirty nails is a major turn off in the Philippines since Filipinos usually have clean nails.

Mantoy and Ariane spend the night enjoying their new TV. Cheng sleeps on the top bunk and Roy Roy gets a bed made especially for him. The video ends with Eric wishing everybody a good night.

You can watch Vampire Stake on YouTube.

Albert Blaze from California

Tan Tan poses as "Albert Blaze from California".

In a Nutshell:
An interview with Manding and Mantoy about the TV show Big Brother, bad grammar and Filipino love music.

The Story:
Emafe just got attacked! She was feeling good then out of nowhere her back started hurting. It might have been a ghost that did it to her but nobody knows. Chris wants to massage her but cannot. That's when he applies medicine to her back using salompas.

The vlog runs through a few video clips and shows Chris interviewing Manding and Mantoy. "La la la la la, ayla pa da dee" sings Manding. The guys jump in and Albert Blaze plays the guitar. Chris cheers him on with a few pass pass's and Tan Tan sings with a Filipino voice.

There is a lot of "nose bleeding" in this video and everyone is enjoying bad grammar. Silly English is funny in the Philippines since there are so many languages to learn. 

You can watch Albert Blaze from California on YouTube.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sounds of Relief

Manding and Mantoy

In a Nutshell:
A lot of silly dancing and outright craziness. 

The Story:
The video starts with Chris and the group getting ready for breakfast. They are going to eat one of Chris's favorite foods, a Filipino dish in the Philippines. He also likes the spaghetti which is a little different than the U.S. version.

That's when Cheng breaks into song followed by Emafe and the rest of the group. Everyone is singing and dancing to celebrate their love and friendship while Manding steals the show like a rock-star. 

After the insanity, the group sits down and watches an Indian movie. One of their viewers is Indian and may have influenced their choice in movies. The video ends with Chris asking the group for summaries one-by-one. Everyone gives a different answer but all of them are entertaining.

You can watch Sounds of Relief on YouTube.

Chandelier for P3,900,000.00

Chandelier for P3,900,000.00 or $91,000.00 USD

In a Nutshell:
The group sings videoke in a shopping mall and shops for birthday cake after seeing a $91,000,000.00 chandelier. Follow the life of Emafe and her family in the Philippines.

The Story:
Good morning everyone! It's Tito Titengs birthday today, and it's Ellas birthday too. What is a morning without Chris trying to wake up? He is seen sleeping but Emafe encourages him to get up. Ella is in the doorway and Manding wants a four piece swimsuit. To top it off, Toby (their Persian cat) is sitting on the couch like a human. "Stay right there, sit right there like a human, and we'll be back" says Chris.

The next stop is a high-end furniture store. They have a chandelier that costs P3,900,000.00 ($90,000.00), and to put it in perspective you can buy two small houses in a nice subdivision for that kind of money (in the Philippines). If you see Bill Gates or Donald Trump let them know about this store.

There is so much noise outside when they leave. A motorcycle makes a popping noise and a huge bus blows it's horn. Mantoy is also seen dropping his hand mirror and Chris is ready for coffee.

That's when Chris starts to wear affordable jackets. It's Uncle Titeng's birthday and the couple (Emafe and Chris) are searching for a gift. Tito (uncle) Titeng is Ariane's dad. He doesn't use handkerchiefs or hats but wears shades whenever he travels. But Emafe wants Tito to be fashionista and wear pink. As some would say, "Real men wear pink".

If Cheng was an employee of SM, she would ask the customers to fold the clothes they mess up (she's joking). This is about the same time Mantoy asks the Lord for forgiveness since he's a sinner. And one of the next clips show Mantoy and Cheng imitating a billboard model. "Diba" means right in Visayan, diba?

You don't want to give someone a birthday gift in a plastic bag so the group buys a stylish one. After that it's birthday cake and the group sings videoke in one of the music stores. This is one of the first times Emafe sings in public for YouTube. 

The video ends with Renz (Ariane's baby brother) singing happy birthday to his papa.

You can watch Chandelier for P3,900,000.00 on YouTube.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wake Up !!

Emafe sleeping next to Chris.

The Story:
Chris and Emafe woke up after an incredible sleep. This had to be one of the best times they slept in a very long time. And to top it off, Chris is wearing Emafe's favorite shirt (it's one of his shirts). He is also wearing her favorite shorts (one of his shorts) but didn't get it on camera.

Mantoy's hat used to be Chris's hat. He bought 3 to 4 hats a few years ago and gave all of them away. Chris needs to wear a belt since it's one of Emafe's pet peaves. It's not nice to spill things either but he can't help it when he films. He got a glass of water for Emafe and himself. She takes a multi-vitamin and folic acid, he takes fish oil.

Awww how cute, Mantoy is helping Cheng like a husband. This prompts Mantoy to shout "What?!". Chris replies with an "Oh, I mean wife and wife" "Or brother and sister" "I mean sister and sister" "My bad". This just shows that Mantoy and Cheng are really good friends.

And sweet Toby (their Persian cat) has to go downstairs. He's furry, fluffy, adorable and cute but it's time for him to go downstairs. "Bring the action" sings Chris as he heads off the singing in the car. "We are, we are, we are, we are" and it goes on to "I think I love you" by Mantoy. Emafe sings along and so does Cheng. That's when Chris spots an incredibly long storage truck in the street. It was trying to make a U-turn.

The next clips show the group with one of Emafe's relatives in a hotel near SM Lanang. She is Emafe's aunt's husband's cousin if that makes sense. Then it's back to filming unusual trucks and cars. Chris films a mini 16 wheeler. It looks just like a long truck but it's tiny. He also films a yellow construction truck that's driving in the street.

Mantoy still has an aching heart so some of the songs on the radio are for him. There is also a weird song about girls spending so much money and it being better for a man to have a gay man as a girlfriend than an actual girl. Eminem doesn't make it any better. The song they are listening to is either a remix or a horrible track by Eminem.

A lot of Filipinas sleep with mosquito nets and Emafe is one of them. She is too shy to show it on camera but Chris insists. "We are all Filipino here" he says.

That's when Chris proceeds to massage Emafe. Chris wishes he was always the last one to go to sleep and the first one to wake up, but he is usually the last one to go to sleep and the last one to wake up. He sleeps a lot longer than Emafe.

While the couple were relaxing they received a text message from one of their subscribers. Divine saw Cheng and Mantoy at NCCC Mall. If you ever see one of us at a shopping mall be sure to approach us.

This is when Emafe gets exhausted. Chris tries to wake her up and kisses her on her forehead but it doesn't work. She eventually begs him to let her sleep for another 5 minutes so Chris concedes and gives her 10 minutes. But when he tries to wake her up again she won't wake up. That's when he massages her head a bit and shakes it saying "waaaake uuuuup!".

It's common to hear the "Celebrate good times c'mon" song in their house. Chris sings it a lot. But before ending the video Chris talks about a Thai movie he saw and the actors in Indian movies. If you ever get a chance to see a Thai or Indian movie with English subtitles, do it and don't miss out.

The video completely ends with Emafe filming another beauty videos and Chris sharing her beauty channel. It's PinkieRiceGurl on YouTube.

You can watch Wake Up on YouTube.


IKEA in Davao City, Philippines.

The Story:
Emafe starts this video blog by preparing for another beauty video and Chris shares that the couple will be going to the Bureau of Immigration. They have already visited the Bureau of Immigration three to five times in the last week but have to go at least one more time.

The group opens some "pandesal", a bread roll made of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, and salt. Emafe notices a buttery taste and is told by Chris that the buttery taste will fade when the bread cools down. It's better to buy the bread hot than cold.

Cheng bought a new Android cell phone and the Magic Jack was almost immediately installed. It's a free app that lets you call the United States and Canada from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Toby loves bread and is seen chasing, biting and playing with it. Chris doesn't know why Toby likes bread so much but he might like it because it's a lizard (or so he thinks). Do any of you have a cat that likes bread? Chris and Emafe also love watching the Walking Dead but it takes to long to load on the internet. Sometimes it's fast but sometimes it's slow.

That earthquake in Cebu and Bohol was scary. It was a 7.2 earthquake and according to news reports it was more powerful than the horrible earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. If you are living in the United States you might have noticed that the group eats full meals for breakfast. They can eat meat or vegetables and sometimes fish, but their breakfasts are like lunch or dinner in the United States.

Cheng can't stop laughing after asking whether or not she needs to shower. Her eyebrows are clean so she might not need to bathe? But Chris intervenes and mentions that someone can look nice but still be baho (smell bad). Nice on camera but baho in person.

There is a lot of other funny and interesting clips in this video but it ends with an IKEA store. The store they visited is only a re-seller but they stock up on new items and furniture on a quarterly basis. It's Me & Luc in Matina of Davao City and they accept pre-orders. It's a great place to find makeup organizers, desks and closets. Some of the furniture isn't real wood but it's still nice. You can visit the IKEA website and add 30% to find out how much it costs. IKEA is a Swedish or European company and is popular in the United States and the online beauty community.

You can watch IKEA in Davao on Youtube.