Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lipstick Collection =)

Mac. NYX. Revlon and Loreal. Yeah, you knew this was coming. It's my first lipstick collection blog post! Not only MAC but a lot more then NYX, Revlon and Loreal. I filmed it for YouTube and did my best to take beautiful pictures. Let me know how I did. I love seeing other people's collections so feel free to comment your collections and do a video response too, I'll accept it.

I actually had a lot more in my collection than this but I ended up giving away a lot of my unused lipsticks last Christmas. A lot of people online and offline have requested this post so I did it for those who asked. You can comment your future requests and let me know what you want me to do next. Thanks for reading and please Join my site to stay updated :)

√Čtude house, wet n wild in 521A, Korean lipstick in #77,  NICHIDO matte lipstick in pink lush,  fanny Serrano lipstick in orchid & carnation

Natasha lipstick in peach glow, pink frost, eclair, San San soleil lipstick in nude carribean, Pink tropics, peach Ibiza, oseur mirror shine lipstick in precious jade, gemstar pink, glistening dune

Ever bilena matte lipstick in pink flame, siennas, scarlet, mirrored mocha, mauvey, off beat pink, skin

 NYX round lipstick in paparazzi, vitamin, spell bound, pure red, medusa, peach Bellini, miracle, pumpkin pie, Milan, gardenia, sky pink, darling, ceto

Mac frost lipstick in aristocrat, Mac dazzle lipstick in powerful, l.a. Girl lipstick in dreamer, Sally Hansen lipstick in rose bloom, kanebo lipstick in pure orchid, Loreal colour juice stick in mango tango, saucy sangria,  Loreal infallible lipstick in 501 

Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake, raspberry pie, sugar plum,  Revlon protective liptint in nude, Revlon super lustrous lipstick in champagne, Revlon plumpsexxxy lipstick in natural glam 

Rimmel cool shine lipstick in soak, plunge, vigour, brill, fresh, spritz 

Loreal colour riche lipstick in spiced wine, plum twist, cashmere, sapphire rose, tawny, nude, organza 

Maybelline forever metallic lites lipstick in radiant ruby, gold n roses, fools gold, earthly ore, maybelline watershine lipstick in P24 

Maybelline colorsensational lipstick in angel rose, maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in real raisin, royal red, Windsor rose, go currant 

Maybelline colorsensational lipstick in let me pink, southwest sizzle, mauve me, my mahogany, plaza pink 

And these are the type of containers and boxes that I normally put all my lipstick in. 

And this what they look like inside the box.

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  1. What a collection! Very awesome! :D

  2. omg. that's a loooot of lipsticks! haha. btw i'm pam and im from davao too! :) new follower here! :)

  3. wow! sis anong top 5 faves mo from your huge collection? just curious and next time eyeshadows naman. and palettes. :) thanks

  4. @Pamela Erika

    Hello girl=) Thank you for dropping by. I followed your blog too=)

  5. @Belle

    Hirap nyan sis kasi madami akong faves=)

  6. I LOVE LIPPIES! <3 love the colors, sana meron din lipgloss collection! :P

  7. ...Swatchesssssssssssss ~writhes~ Need swatchesssss~

  8. Wow that was a lot! All the shades look good too :)

  9. OMG! That's a lot of lipsticks! O_O I love it!


  10. @ShebbyChic
    Thank you shebby=) I followed your blog girl=)

  11. @Paris Mae/msfashionablychic

    It's hard to remember all the prices when I bought them so long ago.

  12. @Eden-Avalon whew, that would be a lot of swatches. I'll try sis!

  13. Wow you have so many!:) Can I ask from which facebook seller you bought the acrylic lipstick organizer? :)

  14. I WANT your collection! I need to ditch my chapstick and add more lipsticks in

  15. Swatches of this lipsticks on Youtube please!!!

  16. Wow! you got a huge collection. I also love the mac lipstick specifically the see sheer. Got them from The MAC products are more affordable there. :)

  17. You have such a gorgeous collection of lippies! It's pure heaven =) Btw, may I ask lang po where I could get lipstick holder like those in your photos for less? I read somewhere that Landmark carries it for 99 pesos but it's too far. Maybe if there's an alternative for me... thanks in advance =)