Friday, March 16, 2012

My First DIY + Win some Accessories

So this everyone is my first DIY blog post.  And it's inspired much by what I've seen others do in their spare time on YouTube and on the internet in general.
In this tutorial I started out with three broken necklaces and I finished with four perfectly fit necklaces, a pair of earings and a cute bracelet to match.. Don't throw away your accessories when they break!  Fix them, repair them and/or make them new.  I filmed a DIY tutorial on YouTube as a guide and if you like pictures, here they are:

Products and Tools:
1. Long-nose pliers
2. Charms,
3. Jump rings
4. Earring hooks
5. Lobster clasps 
6. Broken necklaces. 

P.S. I also included an extra special accessory giveaway at the end of My First DIY video.  All of the prizes were purchased by me in one of our local malls. The prizes include a plaid bow hat, an orange spring-time bangle,  a black and white floral bangle, a turquoise stone necklace from Sassy Girl, an owl necklace from Sassy Girl,  a butterfly necklace from Sassy Girl,  a roses necklace from Sassy Girl, a butterfly necklace from Pink Wink and a beautiful necklace from Claire.

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