Saturday, April 14, 2012

1st Vlog for My New PinkieRiceLife YouTube Channel :)

Hi guys. I just started a separate YouTube channel for my vlog videos. I'm going to be sharing a lot more about my personal life and my daily on-goings with Chris. I know a lot of you have been requesting this for a while so I finally went ahead and did it. And as it turns out, these are a lot more fun then I thought! They're more low-key and a lot less stressful. For one, they're easier to edit. For two, they're a lot less formal and more personal.  It's kind of cool to connect with you guys in a way I haven't before. 

I have a few video ideas that I already have planned. We'll be headed somewhere tomorrow and we'll be flying to Manila on Monday where Chris and I are going to meet one of his best friends who's visiting from the United States. Alvaro's (Chris's friend) girlfriend is Filipina. So she brought him (Alvaro) to the Philippines, showed him some of our beautiful beaches and scheduled a meetup with me and Chris.

I haven't met any of Chris's friends in person but I see them via comp. and iPhone when we talk to them. It's been almost 3 years since Chris has seen any of them=( Chris wanted us to fly to America this year in July on my birthday but we ended up changing our plans after we factored in our budget for 2012. Our house will be built by August this year so we'll have a lot of furniture to buy. We also want to build a small gate around our house for our dogs.

Pimple Clear Peel-off Mask from Glamworks
My 1st Vlog's Sneak Preview:
This is my 3rd time using my Pimple Clear Peel-off Mask from Glamworks. I'm just starting so I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to using and buying facial masks but I like this one so far. It makes my face feel tight but relaxed at the same time and it has a a cooling like sensation when you use it and take it off.

Be sure to watch my 1st vlog if you like seeing people in person. I made sure to include Chris so you guys could see what we're like together. I'm really excited to do more videos and I'll show you some of what we do on a regular basis.

Love you guys. And have a good day everyone! :)

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