Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trip to Pagsanhan Falls (Manila Trip Part 2)

After touring Instramauros in Manila we went home, got some rest and woke up bright and early the next morning for our next adventure, a boat ride along the river leading to Pagsanhan falls. We travelled two to three hours to get there but once we got there we had a few issues with paying. As it turned out, the boat ride was a lot more expensive than we had originally thought. It cost p1,300 per person but we only had p2,000 in our wallet. Cherry's driver spotted us the money so we could go so we would not waste the trip. We agreed and promised to pay him back when we got back to Manila.

Before venturing out to the boat we took a break and enjoyed a tasty lunch with Alvaro, our driver and one of Cherry's friends. Cherry had planned everything ahead of time with food and drinks prepared in a cooler. I had a coke and Chris had a diet coke while we shared a meal of beef and chopsuey.

It's a good thing we brought our Canon camera as the boat ride turned out to be a real trip. Lucky for us, Cherry's friend gave us the bright idea of enclosing the camera in a ziplock bag so we could film the scene without ruining the camera. Here are some of the pictures we took while wearing our boat riding gear and posing for our blogs:

Chris and Fema in front of Pagsanhan Falls

Fema & Chris wearing boat gear at Pagsanhan Falls

Chris and Alvaro in front of Pagsanhan Falls

Pagsanhan Falls in the Philippines

If you want to see the whole trip, the boat ride and the waterfall, go ahead and click on the video at the bottom of this post.

After our day of fun we had to go home and rest again before bringing ourselves together to eat in Manila. Chris and I slept for about three to four hours and woke up at 10:00pm.

We had expected on going somewhere simple but we left it up to Cherry and Alvaro since we did not know where to go. We wanted something stress free that did not need a lot of planning since we were sure that Cherry was a little stressed from organizing all our outings. We scheduled for them to pick us up at 10:30pm.

So we got ready, prepared ourselves and waited downstairs in the lobby. When they called us they were outside the hotel in their white L-300 vehicle. So we went outside, walked down the driveway and opened the back of their car to join them. But when we looked inside we were shocked! They were dressed up in elegant clothes and a tie whiles Chris was in a t-shirt, shorts and a pair of flip-flops! Lol funny. I had a decent dress on too but I was also wearing flip-flops.

They took us to a fancy diner in Makati where I ordered a Vanilla Crypt and Chris a lasagna. Alvaro and Cherry got a coffee since they weren't really hungry. Here is a picture of Alvaro and Cherry sitting across from us at the outside diner in Makati:

Alvaro & Cherry Dining in Makati the night before we left.

Alvaro, Chris & Fema riding a 4D Arcade in Manila

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