Monday, May 7, 2012

Get Fuller & Plumper Lips without Injections

Are you interested in having full lips without making them permanent, experiencing pain or having to get lip injections?

Today I'm going to be reviewing a Australian product from Lip Plumping Shop and as the name suggests it's a lip plumping device that helps people acheive fuller and plumper lips. It works by suctioning them for five seconds at a time and needs to be used once or twice a day for optimum results for at least a week. You will have to spend the money to buy the device and the extra time to use it (a few minutes a day) but after that you should have the full lips that you've been craving for, especially if you continue to use the device.

Not everyone wants bigger and plumper lips and some people might already have them but for those of you who don't, this might be a fun alternative. I had a good time toying with the idea of fuller but natural looking lips and it was interesting to see a change in my appearance but Chris didn't want me to use it too much. He usually doesn't like changes with these types of things, like when he didn't want me to get a tattoo, but I still use it off and on after my initial use of three days in a row.

You can probably search for more online reviews from people who completed the full seven days but I'm pretty confident that it works, else I wouldn't have ever stopped using it. Although the company says the results last for 8 to 12 hours there's also some speculation that regular use could accumulate natural fluids making some of your results more permanent. I felt more lasting results after using it three days in a row but they eventually went back to normal.

You shouldn't use this if you're on a blood thinning medication or if you have an unusual skin disorder since it can bruise a person who is not completely healthy but it's safe for just about everyone else.

This device fits me well since I have a normal to semi-wide face but it might not work for narrow or really thin faces since it would be hard to make the mouthpeice airtight. You might want to communicate with the company before buying it if you think this might be an issue.

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I hope you guys liked my blog post, I know this isn't for everyone but I had a lot of fun using it! I'm kind of adventurous though :)

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