Sunday, June 24, 2012

Top 5 Best Makeup Tutorials to Create for YouTube

Makeup tutorials and makeup looks are becoming evermore rampant in the online beauty community.  Especially on the website that prides itself as being the 2nd largest search engine in the world, YouTube. But which makeup tutorials are the best and which ones should you make? Those two questions will be answered through this article.

Basic Makeup Tutorials are good videos to make if you’re a beginner but they’re also good for advanced makeup artists.  Not everyone knows “How to Apply Eyeliner”, “How to Apply False Eyelashes” or “How to Line & Shape Your Eyebrows”. So even if you’re an expert you can always upload these videos to help those who aren’t.

Back to School Looks are quite popular since everyone wants to make a good first impression.  This is especially true for those students attending and restarting their classes. College students make up a good portion of this group but the high school and younger generations watch these videos even more. Keep your audience in mind whenever your making a YouTube video and check the demographics of each video to find out who’s watching what. 

Holiday Makeup Looks are good for all ages. And whether you’re a single mom, high school student, or working class adult, you probably celebrate a holiday. Think of Christmas, Easter or Valentines day.  Although not everyone celebrates every holiday, almost everyone celebrates some. So go ahead and create your first holiday look but make sure that it properly coincides with the holiday or event that your shooting for.

Celebrity Makeup Looks are great if your awesome at creating makeup transformations. You can always use yourself as the canvas but you can also use a model. One of the more popular Angelina Jolie makeup tutorials on YouTube features a model who has several facial features similar to that of actress Mrs. Jolie. Keep in mind that you can always upload an “inspired” makeup look that looks similar but not exact. Be creative, be unique and be interesting.

Halloween Makeup Tutorials are the best when they’re extreme.  And although Halloween looks are watched most when it’s time to trick-or-treat, they are actually watched year-round. You can take up a cosmetic course with a cosmetology or special effects class but you can also learn from the many special effect guides online. Think YouTube or special effect blogs.

Bonus Tips:
- Always include a good description, detailed tags and a closely related title in the info section of your video.  This will help ensure that you get the traffic that you deserve.
- Include your most important keywords closest to the beginning part of your title, description and tags.
- Use annotations with clear “calls-to-action”.

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