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Top 5 Best Non-Traditional Hair Removal & Reduction Methods & Treatments

In this article we will outline five of the best non-traditional hair removing methods that you can undergo with a professional or buy at your local mall. Be prepared for risks, tips and advice that you can use, bookmark and remember forever before becoming permanently (or temporarily) hair free.

"Permanent" Hair Reduction / Removal Treatments:

1. Laser treatments are known around the globe for hair removal but not everyone knows the facts. Laser treatments are not F.D.A. approved for permanent hair removal but for “hair reduction” and they aren't appropriate for people with dark colored skin or blonde hair. Candidates with dark skin are at risk of laser burns while most lasers cannot remove light or grey colored hairs. Although laser treatment for facial hairs is a common occurrence, each client is at risk of stimulating hidden hairs on their face that weren't visible before. You can expect to pay anywhere from $199.00 to $899.00 per session depending on the area you get treated and the clinic that you visit. Make sure you find a professional technician with medical supervision and a good track record. Laser treatments are dangerous if you go to the wrong person.

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TOTAL COST: $250.00 to $900.00 per session

2. Electrolysis has the best track record for permanently removing a person’s hair and it’s the only method approved by the FDA. Unlike laser treatments, candidates are not limited by their hair color or skin complexion, there is less risk involved and it's less painful too. Sessions can last anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour and you usually have to attend 15 to 30 sessions before you are done. Expect to pay $50 for a small area like your eyebrows per every 30 minute session.

NOTE: There are a few electrolysis kits that you can use at home with F.D.A. approval but it’s probably best to apply for training before you try it yourself.

TOTAL COST: $750 to $1,500 for a small area

3. Hair Removal Products (temporary):

Epilators extract your hair by tweezing multiple hairs at once using 20 to 80 mini-tweezers in a single device. Some of them come corded while others are sold with batteries. The low-end versions have a slow tweeze rate, they take longer to epilate and may inflict more pain. The pain threshold is similar to professional waxing and hurts less after the 2nd to 3rd time.

TOTAL COST: $19.00 to $109.99 per device

4. Depilatory Hair Removal Creams & Sprays will turn your hair follicles into a jelly-like substance that can be wiped clean with a wet cloth after five to ten minutes. The solutions are usually alkaline based, they carry a bad odor and they can harm sensitive skin if your allergic or use them incorrectly. Aside from that, they are cheap, fast and easy to use.

Veet, Nair and Sally Hansen's Brush-On Hair Removers are some of the more popular brands.

TOTAL COST: $5.00 to $15.00 per bottle

5. Bleaching the hair on your body is another option if you have a fair to light skin complexion. It will not remove your hair per-say but it will make your hair less noticeable, at least under normal circumstances. Bleach kits can cost anywhere from $5 to $10 but be sure to read the instructions and remove and wash the treated area immediately if you experience a painful burning sensation. Bleaching should not be painful.

TOTAL COST: $5.00 to $10.00 per kit

Although you may choose to continue shaving and tweezing the traditional way, not everyone has that option. Feel free to use this article as a guide if you are looking for a more non-traditional way to remove or reduce the hair on your face, arms or body.

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