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Top 5 Best Rated Drugstore Makeup for Cheap

This article is for those of you who are on a budget and do not want to pay hefty prices for high-end cosmetics. I compiled a list of the top five, best rated, drugstore beauty products sold in the United States and elsewhere (i.e. Philippines) abroad. Continue reading for more...

Maybelline - Dream Matte Pressed Powder for $6.50 per powder
(77% less than MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural)

Hidden in a bulky packaged compact this pressed powder distributes a long lasting, medium coverage and matte finish that usually amazes first time users. How can a pressed powder of this caliber be priced at less than $8.00 and come from a drugstore company such as Maybelline? Welcome to the world of popular drugstore makeup where you get more than what you pay for and look better than you did with high-end cosmetics.

Most of the people who dislike this product had a bad experience with acne, so keep that in mind if you are prone to breakouts.

Visit shoppers*hub on Ebay to buy this in the Philippines.

Wet 'n' Wild - Mega Eyes Cream Eyeliner for $3.99 per pot
(up to 80% less than high-end brands)

Sealed inside UFO-like pots, Mega Eyes Cream Eyeliner by Wet 'n' Wild has already made waves in the online and offline beauty community. Their eyeliner applies like a dream with a smooth, blackest black opaque finish and it is waterproof which makes it long lasting and difficult to remove. It is said to be comparable to MAC Fluidlines, Stila's Smudgepots, Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner, L'Oreal's HiP Cream Eyeliner, and Smashbox's Gel Eyeliner. Most of the complaints are limited to the product's packaging (the product dries before the pot is finished) or the mini-brush that comes with it.

TIP 1: Use an oil based makeup remover before you go to bed.
TIP 2: Apply Vaseline to the twisty part of your pot for a better seal so it will not dry out.

Milani - Minerals Blush with Brush in Luminous for $5.75 per blush
(80% less than NARS)

If you want a NARS Orgasm Blush ($28.00) dupe you might have finally found it. Minerals Blush with Brush in Luminous by Milani can be built up to look just like it. It is a toned down, peachy pink NARS Orgasm blush with fine gold shimmers making it perfect blush for fair to medium skin tones.

Milani is phasing out their Mineral Blush with Brush compacts but there is still time. Milani removed these items from their site but you can buy them at CherryCulture and they ship to the Philippines.

L'Oreal Paris - Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black

L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara in Carbon black is darker than Maybellines blackest black and comes with a traditional non-plastic mascara brush. Like other volume producing mascaras you may experience some clumping so use a slow, careful and practiced technique and make sure to scrape off the excess product from the brush and wand before you apply. Expect minimal lengthening, maximum volume and use a metal lash comb if your lashes clump together. This product works best after it one to three weeks since it comes too watered down in the beginning.

NOTE: Each version and color of L'Oreal's Voluminous mascara may perform differently since there are a lot of them to choose from.

Revlon - Colorstay Foundation

With awesome coverage and excellent staying power, Revlon's Colorstay Foundation is relatively affordable and sometimes prefered over high-end brands. It finishes matte (almost 100% matte), controls oil and is good for acne prone skin. The solution dries fast (apply it to your face in sections) making it hard to use but with a little practice, everything is possible. Remove it with an oil-based cleanser before you go to bed (i.e. Pond's cold cream) and follow that with a regular cleanser to remove the oily residue left behind.

Most of the gripes with this product lie in its limited selection of yellow undertones and its bottle since it does not have a pump.

TIP: Wear the oily/combo version in the summer and the dry/normal one in the winter.

TIP 2: Use Temptalia's Foundation Matrix - Color Match, Foundation Matching Chart to find the foundation and shade that is right for you.

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