Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jewelry from FavorDeal.com (product reviews)

I want to show you the accessories that I got from

Eight of them are incredible, one of them is a bit cheap and the last one is my least favorite. Feel free to read my reviews and visit their website if you like what you see.
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The first piece is a white and silver pearl chained necklace with a heart-shaped pendant and it is filled with rhinestones. Fear not, this necklace is adjustable.

This next one has alot of pendants, a star, rose flower, horse shoe, bow and butterfly. This is a good quality necklace and it is adjustable too.

This is a luxurious, gold plated, vintagy type necklace and it is filled with yellow rhinestones. As with the other ones, I love that it is adjustable.

Next up is a layered bracelet with pearls and charms, and one of them is filled with rhinestones. This bracelet faded a bit after I wore it while I was sweating.

At first I thought this was too small, but it wasn't. It has a stretchable band with a chain that hides the extra space (click here to see it on camera).

This is the one that felt cheap. The style is unique and I like how it looks but I don't like the pendants.

The good thing about these earrings is that they are lite weight and the pearl in the middle looks nice too.

I like that these are gold-plated and flowery. These are great for classy and elegant dresses.
This first ring is gold plated, fashionable and durable, but it is too big for me. I wear a size 5 or 6 at the most and this is a size 8 or 9.

This is the last piece of jewelry that I got and it is also my least favorite. It looks good on camera but it looks bad in person.

Click here to watch my FavorDeal review video.

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