Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kinder Joy

Emafe Rice at the grocery store.

In a Nutshell:
Chris and Emafe find Kinder Eggs for sale in Davao City.

The Story:
Emafe starts the video by showing all of the gifts that Ashlyn sent her. She gets so excited that she bursts into singing, even though she doesn't know the words. She goes on to show her makeup organizers and the location of her new desk. I guess she couldn't help it coz she was singing in the shower too.

You might not have thought that Cheng would get better, but she shaped her eyebrows so well that Emafe is proud. Perfect eyebrows are nice but don't do those facial exercises on YouTube. It will make you old.

After some nice time in the car, the group goes grocery shopping where eureka, Chris finds Kinder Joy chocolates. Jake had been wanting them for years (at least 1 year), and they are now selling them in Davao City, Philippines. Emafe didn't have a choice but to buy a bunch, and Chris films the public prayers and dancing held by the shopping mall employees (salesladies & salesmen).

Thanks for reading and be sure to watch the video on YouTube.

You can watch Kinder Joy on YouTube.

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